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Winter Trail Frosty – The WTF Half

The Winter Trail Frosty – WTF Half was my second event of 2016.  It took place on February 27, 2016.  I was so happy when 131 Event Productions organized this brand new run!  I had been completely bummed that the Winter Night Trail Marathon had sold out before my lazy self had taken the time to sign up.  It had been one of my favorite events of 2015, and I was really looking forward to doing it again.  Luckily, lots of people were upset about missing out on such an epic event – so 131 Event Productions decided to add in another run to give everyone a second opportunity for winter fun!!

To clear it up right away, yes WTF often stands for something other than Winter Trail Frosty.  This fact seemed to rile a few people up, and they felt the need to complain that they couldn’t sign up for the run because of the name.  Sigh.  To be clear, part of the appeal to me was the name; Where’s The Finish is often on my mind when I run.  And so is what you were thinking…nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  If you don’t like the name, if it doesn’t appeal to you, it’s very simple – don’t sign up.  Find an event that is appealing to you.  There really isn’t a reason to complain and cause a fuss. Read the rest of this entry »

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Valentine’s Run – Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k

Remember the weekend before Valentine’s Day?  Almost 2 months ago?  🙂

I completed my first official event of 2016 at the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k and Mocha Mile on February 12.  Our winter in the midwest had been kind of let-down, little snow and not too terribly cold.  (Yes, I said a letdown.  I LOVE snow!)  Old man winter did decide to show up for the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k, however, and provide us runners with -10 windchill and spitting snow!  (The previous weekend had been near 60 degrees.)


I was very excited for this run for multiple reasons 1) the pain I had been experiencing had finally started to subside and 2) there was chocolate at the end of this race.  LOTS OF CHOCOLATE.  And one of my absolute favorite kinds: DeBrands!! Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Run in the Snow

Running in the snow is one of my favorite things.  I hate to walk from my house to my minivan when it’s cold, but somehow, I love to run in harsh wind and snow.  (What can I say?  I’m complex.)  Finally, winter 2016 delivered some actual winter weather, and I was able to get out and slip and slide in the wonderful white mess of snow and ice.

As far as actual running techniques to run in the snow, I have little to offer.  My regular running style could be considered “unique” at best.  (My mom once recognized me on the trail from a distance by, what she called, my duck feet stride.)  What I can offer is how I run in the snow…what you gain from it may be questionable.


Fresh snowy goodness!

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Winter Running 2016: Where is the snow?

The last two winters in my area have been hard-hitting.  Polar vortexes and snow storms filled the forecasts and lawns were not seen until spring.  I have to admit, I LOVED it!

I love running in the snow.  Despite my lack of ability to walk straight without tripping, I enjoy the extra obstacles of ice and snow mounds while running.  Cold winter air gives me energy.

This year?

Not so much.  November brought one snowfall, and since then?  Flurries.  We had a trace of snow one day (the picture below), but it only lasted an hour or so before melting.  The temperature has climbed over 50 degrees multiple days.  Everyone else seems to love it.  I’m bummed!

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Is Winter Over Yet? Top 5 Running Reasons I Am Ready for Spring!

I love snow.  I really truly honestly do.  It’s beautiful.  When I run in the snow, the air feels fresh and clean.  Cold crisp air, a shimmery white blanket, and solitary trails make up the perfect conditions for my ideal run.

See, I like the snow...I'm just over it! :)

But, I’m over it.  March has come in with a bang, dropping a fresh 6 inches of snow on the ground.  The huge flakes combined with a very bright sun made for a lovely view from my living room window.  I am embracing it as the last significant snowfall of the year (because it is, right?  Right!?)

I am 110% ready for spring!  Here are the top 5 running reasons why: Read the rest of this entry »


Winter Running: Does the treadmill have benefits compared to running outdoors?

Should I run outside in the snow, sub-zero temperatures, and wind or stay inside on the dreaded treadmill?  As often as I am able, I choose to brave the great outdoors.  I love snow!  I love how fresh cold air feels in my lungs!  Despite that I’ve been told the treadmill is easier, I feel and usually perform better outside.

Fresh clean snow, cold air, and sun = perfect running weather!

There are times, however, that I have to choose to run indoors.  I don’t run alone outside at night.  The short days of winter combined with a jam-packed schedule leave me with limited daylight.  I am extremely clumsy; ice is not my friend.  I haven’t toughened myself up enough yet to handle -25°+  wind chills.  On these days, I end up on the treadmill.  I tell myself I enjoy it.  Sometimes I actually do.

So which is better?  Obviously I would choose outdoors!  The treadmill, however, does have some benefits for me.  (This is what I tell myself.)  Read the rest of this entry »


Winter Night Trail Marathon 2015 – My Experience

The Winter Night Trail Marathon in Indianapolis bills itself as “Brutally Awesome.”  As a participant in the 2015 half marathon event, I can concur that it most definitely is a brutally awesome event!  This was my first year participating in the race, and I will hopefully be making it an annual run.  The Winter Night Trail Marathon has three distance options: full, half, and quarter.  The course consists of a 6.55 mile loop.

WinterNightTrailMarathonLogo Read the rest of this entry »


Last Hurrah of Winter Race – Nutri-Run 20k

I participated in the Nutri-Run 20k on March 29.  The weather was absolutely awful, with a mix of heavy wet snow and rain falling the entire run combined with strong wind.  I am considering it my “last hurrah of winter” race.  (Because this weather HAS to go away at some point, right?!)  I registered day of event, so I made a conscious choice to do the run in that weather.  I did question my decision a few times during the race, but I’m glad I did it.


The course started and ended at a local middle school.  The finish was on their track.  There were two or three water stops along the route.  We ran on some country roads, which unfortunately had very little wind protection.  There were some hills but nothing too extreme.  Even with the weather, the roads were not slippery.  With it being a small run, the roads were not closed down, and we had to deal with cars.  Most of the drivers were very considerate of the runners and drove cautiously around us.  I don’t run on roads normally, and I kept being startled by the cars.  (They were never very close to me either.  I’m really not sure why I kept being surprised!)  Read the rest of this entry »


Running, Fueling, Birthdays, & Cats (4 Unrelated Stories)

Other than that it’s my life, there isn’t a lot tying the following 4 topics together.  So, enjoy this random, rambling post….


Although illness has invaded our house (and refused to leave,) I’ve been keeping up with my running schedule and light-weight lifting.  My heavier strength training has been sporadic the last few weeks, but since I’m starting to feel better, I’m making it a priority again.  Or trying to.  Why can’t I enjoy it like I do running?!

I have quite a few official events, regular runs and obstacle course races, scheduled over the next few months.  Spartan Sprint, Indy Mini, and Tough Mudder – plus more!  (Imagine my smiley, eager face inserted here.)  I can’t wait!

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Runners’ Survival Guide in a No-Good, Very Bad Winter

Our city is just about to set the record for its snowiest winter in history.  While I have enjoyed the abundance of snow (so beautiful), it combined with sub-zero temperatures has led to a damper on my desire to do all of my runs outdoors.  While I’ve been forced inside too many times, I continue to try to face the brutal winter weather.  Sometimes I win…and other times, the points go in nature’s favor.

The following is my runners’ survival guide in a no-good, very bad winter…

1.  While attempting to run in snow, do not let anyone take video of you.  As a very clumsy person, I am used to slipping and falling down (even when there is a lack of a physical barrier or weather obstacle to overcome.  My biggest challenge is often my own feet.)  The snow has provided me many more opportunities to test my balance and to avoid injuries while falling.  When you trip as often as I do, you become pretty good at catching yourself.  So, I cannot offer you advice on how to avoid these incidents.  (I do not wear ice spikes, which may help some runners.  It makes me feel off-balance.)  I can, however, tell you to avoid interviews talking about running in the snow and running while anyone is videoing you.  As this poor athlete found out the hard way, it can lead to a viral video of you doing this…Runner Eats It Immediately After Interview About Running in Snow.

(Should I be offended that multiple friends tagged me in links to this video?  I suppose it’s only a matter of time before one of my many wipe-outs is recorded!) Read the rest of this entry »