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3 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Other Runners

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can be a crucial aspect of starting and sticking to a fitness routine.  When you are starting a running program, having fellow runners to complete the challenge and train with can provide incredibly valuable motivation and inspiration.  I know I have met some amazing people through my running journey.


There can be some negative aspects.  It can be difficult not to compare yourself negatively to others.  There will be people faster than you.  There will be people that can increase their distances in a shorter time frame.  There will be people that will seem to be doing a better job.

Usually, I use others’ successes as positive motivation to improve myself.  There are times, however, that looking at another person’s accomplishments brings me down.

3 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Other Runners:
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Running Motivation: How I get myself off the couch!

I love to run.  LOVE IT.  Even when I am struggling or having a bad run, I still really enjoy it.  I do tend to have trouble getting my butt out the door though!  Once I’m actually running, I’m golden…it’s that darn act of getting ready and actually going that sometimes causes me issues!  On days when the couch seems extra comfortable or I’m exhausted from work, the following little snippets of motivation can be the push I need to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

because I canWhen I don’t want to go run, I think of all the people that cannot run and would love to.  I have the ability to do it and sitting on my butt and wasting it would be an insult to anyone that wants to and are unable.  Read the rest of this entry »