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Re-establishing Healthy Habits and Back to Blogging!

It has been way too long since I’ve written a blog for myself!  I’m back!

I’m happy, overjoyed, thrilled to say that the running troubles of 2015 seem to be behind me.  (Knock on wood a thousand times.)  I have built my base back up to 30-35 miles a week, and just recently, have worked on slowly increasing my pace back to where I was two years ago.  This is HUGE for me considering that in September of last year, I ran 9, very slow, miles total.  I do still have some lingering left foot issues in my first metatarsal, BUT it has been tolerable and steadily improving.  Read the rest of this entry »

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I Was Supposed to Run a Marathon Yesterday

In the spring, I had high hopes for this fall.  I was planning on running my second marathon. I was going to train harder and beat my time from my first marathon in 2014.  I wasn’t going to crash at mile 20 and have trouble recovering. It would all go as planned this time around; it was going to be awesome.

Carefully, I chose my race: the Nationwide Children’s Columbus Marathon.  Mid-October weather would be perfect, I thought.  Columbus would be a fun and flat city to run in.  The dedicated miles would be motivating.  I was excited!

October weather is perfect for running!

October weather is perfect for running!

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Returning to Running After an Injury: 3 Things to Remember

Returning to running after an injury is never easy.  There are both mental and physical challenges to overcome.  I am fortunate; my injuries was very minor.  They did, however, still sideline me for an extended period of time due to happening one right after the other.  Here are 3 things to remember when returning to running after an injury:

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Another Setback and Starting Again…Oh Running

As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet on this blog this summer.  I have struggled to maintain a consistent running routine due to many factors.  No big injury, but lots of little ones combining together to wreck my fall plans (no marathon in my immediate future.)  My mileage has fallen from around 35-40 miles a week to 3 miles last week.  I feel as if I am starting completely over, and while I am committed to doing it, I am a bit “mad” at running.

Why is something that should be easy being so unbelievably difficult and hard right now?  I am frustrated.  I have put on a few pounds.  I am grumpy.  I am struggling to find motivation.

It’ll come back.  I know I will. Just venting a bit before I get myself together for a short run tonight.  runnergirl


It’s the First Day of Spring and I’m Not Running

The snow has melted, the temperatures have soared into high 50s, and the sun has been shining.  Where should I be?  Outside running!  Where haven’t I been?  Outside running.  Bummer!

Spring Flowers mocking me about being currently unable to run...

Spring Flowers mocking me about being currently unable to run…

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Marathon Training – An Unexpected Fallback Week

Marathon training has been going great…until now.  It’s actually not too bad right now either; I just had to adjust to unexpected mileage fallback this week.  Why you ask?  Well I got injured.  During a run?  Of course not.  I simply experienced some trouble in the incredibly difficult activity of walking and strained a muscle around my knee.  

Sigh, so yes.  I tripped over my own feet while trying to walk up to my son’s baseball game and did something unpleasant to my right knee.  I rock.  

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How to Deal with a Running Injury (Hint: Don’t Do What I Used to Do!)

I have been having on and off mild to excruciating pain in and around my right knee since January.  I usually deal with injuries in a very safe and constructive way – I completely ignore them, push through as much as I am able, and hope it gets better.  I realize this is awful.  It has also mostly worked for me this far.  As I head into spring, with my official races starting up in just a week (woohoo!), and hard-core marathon training starting after the Tough Mudder in May, I’ve decided to try to be more pro-active in dealing with my pain.

You should not deal with an injury by ignoring it.

My knee pain started as a dull ache.  I blame it on the indoor track at my YMCA.  Running the same direction and hitting the four banked curves on the same knee took it’s toll on me.  The weather did not cooperate with my plans to run outside all the time, and I was forced inside more than I planned.  BUT I did keep running outside whenever it was possible, even in some pretty terrible conditions.  I tweaked my knee while running on ice, and while it didn’t quite hurt when I did it, I felt the pull.  Combined with the previous issue, and the fact that I’d been wearing my running shoes too long, my knee decided it hated me and demonstrated said hate on subsequent runs.  Read the rest of this entry »