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Re-establishing Healthy Habits and Back to Blogging!

It has been way too long since I’ve written a blog for myself!  I’m back!

I’m happy, overjoyed, thrilled to say that the running troubles of 2015 seem to be behind me.  (Knock on wood a thousand times.)  I have built my base back up to 30-35 miles a week, and just recently, have worked on slowly increasing my pace back to where I was two years ago.  This is HUGE for me considering that in September of last year, I ran 9, very slow, miles total.  I do still have some lingering left foot issues in my first metatarsal, BUT it has been tolerable and steadily improving.  Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Healthy Food Trends I Might Try in 2015

January always brings an onslaught of all things diet and fitness.  Advertisements start to switch right at the Christmas holiday to remind you of all the unhealthy ways you’ve been treating yourself over the season.  I know I am guilty!  I thoroughly enjoy all the yummy desserts and huge buffets present at most holiday get-togethers.  While I tend to do a decent job at maintaining my exercise routine through December, my eating definitely goes way WAY up.  (And it was all delicious!)

Now it’s January 2nd, however, and I feel mushy and bloated.  I need to get my diet under control so I feel better during my runs!  My approach is to aim for an overall healthy lifestyle that I can model for my children, and not a fad diet (although I am doing the cabbage soup diet next week.  I happen to really like cabbage soup!)

Here are 5 healthy food trends that I might try to integrate into my diet in 2015: Read the rest of this entry »