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Valentine’s Run – Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k

Remember the weekend before Valentine’s Day?  Almost 2 months ago?  🙂

I completed my first official event of 2016 at the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k and Mocha Mile on February 12.  Our winter in the midwest had been kind of let-down, little snow and not too terribly cold.  (Yes, I said a letdown.  I LOVE snow!)  Old man winter did decide to show up for the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k, however, and provide us runners with -10 windchill and spitting snow!  (The previous weekend had been near 60 degrees.)


I was very excited for this run for multiple reasons 1) the pain I had been experiencing had finally started to subside and 2) there was chocolate at the end of this race.  LOTS OF CHOCOLATE.  And one of my absolute favorite kinds: DeBrands!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Run for Riley 5 Mile Run and 5k Fitness Walk: My Experience

The 2015 Run for Riley 5 Mile Run and 5k Fitness Walk took place on October 11.  The run is put on to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children.  All proceeds from the race, every dollar from every registration, is donated to the hospital.  This year an anonymous group of donors agreed to double the amount donated if the run could raise $25,000.  They did it!  In total for 2015, the Run for Riley donated $52,430!

Run for Riley

Run for Riley

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