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Valentine’s Run – Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k

on April 7, 2016

Remember the weekend before Valentine’s Day?  Almost 2 months ago?  🙂

I completed my first official event of 2016 at the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k and Mocha Mile on February 12.  Our winter in the midwest had been kind of let-down, little snow and not too terribly cold.  (Yes, I said a letdown.  I LOVE snow!)  Old man winter did decide to show up for the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k, however, and provide us runners with -10 windchill and spitting snow!  (The previous weekend had been near 60 degrees.)


I was very excited for this run for multiple reasons 1) the pain I had been experiencing had finally started to subside and 2) there was chocolate at the end of this race.  LOTS OF CHOCOLATE.  And one of my absolute favorite kinds: DeBrands!!

Packet-pickup was at Debrand’s Chocolate and each race swag bag contained a chocolate bar – plus another small chocolate was handed out in the tent.  (The bag contained other items too – and the shirt was pink and very cute – but chocolate!)


Adding layers before the start!

The start and finish of the race took place at Parkview Field, home of the local minor league baseball team.  The route the run took otherwise wasn’t particularly interesting or memorable (it was a cold, dreary, gray day.  I am sure the course would have looked beautiful covered in snow or blooming in the spring!)  The course was well-supported, and I definitely appreciated all the police officers donating their morning (and warmth!!) to support the event.


Chocolate and beer – great way to finish a run!  Plus, look at my festive nails!!

To be honest, the race was more expensive than I’d usually pay for a 5k, BUT the perks were worth it.  Plus, it’s a fundraiser for ALS, and supporting a worthwhile cause is worth a bit of extra money.  After the run, in a heated area of the stadium with a band, there was a TON more chocolate.  (I may have loaded pieces into my Cupid’s Chocolate Chase travel mug to take home.  OK, not maybe, I definitely did.)  There was also a chocolate fountain with a multitude of options for dipping.  Hot chocolate from Mocha Lounge was available, free beer samples from Summit City Brewery, and wine slushies from Two EE’s winery were available for a small charge.  (If you haven’t ever had a wine slushie, it’s definitely something you should consider.)


Our feast!  Wine slushies, beer, and chocolate!!

I’ll definitely sign up for the Cupid’s Chocolate Chase 5k again next year – although I may need to run another 10+ miles that day to balance out all the chocolate!!




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