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5 Reasons Why I Like To Run

on January 20, 2016


One of the questions I am asked the most is, “Why do you like to run?”

Despite the fact that I do LOVE to run, it can sometimes be difficult to provide an answer that is convincing to the questioner.

I usually respond, “Because it’s fun!”

Which is always followed up with, “WHY?” or “HOW?”

Uhh…because it is.  Duh.

So, why do I like to run?

  1.  It’s easy and hard all at the same time.  Running is one of the easiest sports to join.  A person can be a seasoned athlete or a true beginner.  Almost anybody can begin a running routine and make it work with their fitness level.  Running can be tailored to a person’s unique needs and goals.  I can go run almost anytime at multiple places and make it as challenging (or not) as I choose to do.
  2.  It’s my quiet time.  Well, my  loud-quiet time as I am usually blaring music into my ears.  I can think, or sing, or tune out for a bit and take a break from my day.  The phrase “Running Is My Therapy,” is popular for a reason.  Running is like therapy for me.  It clears my  head, and especially when I complete a difficult run, gives me the motivation and confidence to crush other difficult tasks in my life.
  3.  Running has shown me so much about myself.  That I can continue moving forward even if it hurts.  That I can set a goal and accomplish it.  That I am a lot stronger than I originally thought.
  4. Do you remember, as a child, how fun playing tag or jumping in the puddles could be?  Running is the same type of fun.  I, admittedly, have trouble starting a run when it’s raining, BUT if it starts while I am running?  Love it.  I feel a little bit more badass running in the rain!  Running in the snow?  One of my absolute favorite things!
  5.  The “feeling.”  You’ve heard about it.  On WebMD, Jesse Pitsley, PhD, says, “Psychologically, runners may experience a euphoria, a feeling of being invincible, a reduced state of discomfort or pain, and even a loss in sense of time while running.”  The elusive runner’s high doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s a feeling you want to experience again.  (And it’s a high that is completely society-accepted to seek!)

Why do you love to run?  And, if you don’t run, WHY NOT?




3 responses to “5 Reasons Why I Like To Run

  1. I love to run for the same reasons you do, and I absolutely can feel a difference in my anxiety/stress levels after I’m done!

  2. mygymrecipe says:

    Out of all the exercises, I love running the most too! I posted a running post on my blog, check it out 🙂 And keep up the good work

  3. Susan says:

    A good read! I agree with your reasons!😆

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