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How to Run in the Snow

on January 14, 2016

Running in the snow is one of my favorite things.  I hate to walk from my house to my minivan when it’s cold, but somehow, I love to run in harsh wind and snow.  (What can I say?  I’m complex.)  Finally, winter 2016 delivered some actual winter weather, and I was able to get out and slip and slide in the wonderful white mess of snow and ice.

As far as actual running techniques to run in the snow, I have little to offer.  My regular running style could be considered “unique” at best.  (My mom once recognized me on the trail from a distance by, what she called, my duck feet stride.)  What I can offer is how I run in the snow…what you gain from it may be questionable.


Fresh snowy goodness!

How to run in the snow (like me):

  1.  Over or under estimate the amount of clothing you will need to remain at a comfortable temperature.  Wear a hat when it’s sure to make you extra sweaty and forget gloves when you risk getting frost bite on your hands.  On the rare occasion that you are dressed perfectly, be sure to slip and rip those expensive compression tights.
  2.  Always intend to buy coils for your shoes to assist when there is ice.  Never actually buy said coils.  As it has turns out (knock on wood), I do a fantastic job running on ice and maintaining balance.  It’s the whole walking thing I have problems with when I finish.  Recently, after finishing a fantastic snowy 5 miles, I stopped to take a few pictures.  As I tried to walk away, my foot went forward and up while my butt went down.  (Luckily my booty has ample padding, and I was done taking my selfie.  Smooth.)
  3.  Do not wear a face mask.  You want wind burnt cheeks.  Beautiful blushed cheeks without the added hassle of make-up.  (Or, put Aquaphor on before heading out.  Up to you.)
  4. Take in the beauty around you.  Snow makes even the most mundane landscape look crisp and beautiful.  Dreary leafless trees look fresh, and the sun creates a sparkling sea across silvery white fields.  Catch snowflakes on your tongue.  Be so caught up in the view that you neglect to pay attention to what is directly in front of you.  Like a bench that completely takes you out and leaves bruises on your shins for days.
  5.  Have fun!  Despite my incredible klutziness and well-intentioned, yet poorly executed planning, I LOVE running in the snow.  I may slip, and trip, and run into things, but I am always laughing and enjoying myself.  Running in the snow energizes me in a way nothing else can!

Do you enjoy running in the snow?


4 responses to “How to Run in the Snow

  1. kristenk says:

    Haha this is awesome and so something i would do! I also love snow running – I haven’t fallen yet but never say never! 🙂

  2. Ha, this was hilarious but great! It’s funny because I am the same way that I love do activities in the snow, but hate doing everyday walking in it!

  3. runsaltrun says:

    HA! Like you, I have always intended to buy Yaktrax and never have. We are about to have some big snow here so I think I may run in it just to say I did, but typically I retreat to the treadmill when it gets terrible outside. I’m a big cold weather wuss.

  4. Susan says:

    Winter running in the snow is a lot like trail running which is my favourite! Winter trail running combines the best of both of these worlds😆

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