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Winter Running 2016: Where is the snow?

on January 5, 2016

The last two winters in my area have been hard-hitting.  Polar vortexes and snow storms filled the forecasts and lawns were not seen until spring.  I have to admit, I LOVED it!

I love running in the snow.  Despite my lack of ability to walk straight without tripping, I enjoy the extra obstacles of ice and snow mounds while running.  Cold winter air gives me energy.

This year?

Not so much.  November brought one snowfall, and since then?  Flurries.  We had a trace of snow one day (the picture below), but it only lasted an hour or so before melting.  The temperature has climbed over 50 degrees multiple days.  Everyone else seems to love it.  I’m bummed!


There’s white stuff!  (Sadly, the snow melted within an hour of snapping this shot.)

I have high hopes for the next two months, even with 50s in the upcoming forecast again.  Please, please give me snow!

Running in the snow rocks!!  4 reasons why:

  1.  It’s beautiful.  Nothing compares to the beauty of freshly fallen snow.  Everything appears pure and new.
  2.  Running on a paved trail often works the same muscles over and over again, and it can get monotonous.  While I love trail running, it’s not something I feel comfortable doing by myself; I don’t often have a running buddy when I have the time to run.  Snow can provide the feeling of a trail on a paved path.  Sliding over ice?  Jumping over snow mounds?  Yes please.
  3.  The soft crunch when your foot lands on untouched snow.  Who doesn’t love that sound?
  4.  What’s the challenge of running in ideal weather?  Running in the snow provides just a touch more badassery to your miles!

Do you like running in the snow?


8 responses to “Winter Running 2016: Where is the snow?

  1. Kecia says:

    I LOVE running in the snow, but definitely NOT the ice 😉

  2. irun4pizza says:

    My favorite days to run in snow are those 32-36 degree days when it’s not super cold out and the snow is fresh!

  3. Craig says:

    I love a nice long slow run in the snow, but I have to admit I am constantly aware of slip hazards and my focus isn’t really on the beauty around me…. 😦

  4. kristenk says:

    Ugh yes I’m right there with you! We are in winter #2 of warm temps and more ice than snow up here in Anchorage. It’s so frustrating when all I want to do is run in the snow! I have my running shoes studded just in case it finally decides to snow here!

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