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Perfectly Posh – A New Adventure!

A new adventure of mine outside of running!

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Fall Running: 5 Reasons Running in Autumn is the Best

Cooler weather, colorful leaves, and the appearance of pumpkins EVERYWHERE signifies the beginning of fall.  One of the best things about autumn?  Perfect running weather!

After adjusting to summer heat and breathing in hot humid air, fall weather is a welcome change.  You know those runs where everything just feels perfect?  Those happen for me in the fall.  Breathing isn’t as hard and my pace usually increases!  Coming off of an awful running summer (injuries and scheduling issues,) I am so, so ready for fall!

5 reasons fall is the best running season:

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I Love Running…I Hate Running…I Love Running

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Another Setback and Starting Again…Oh Running

As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet on this blog this summer.  I have struggled to maintain a consistent running routine due to many factors.  No big injury, but lots of little ones combining together to wreck my fall plans (no marathon in my immediate future.)  My mileage has fallen from around 35-40 miles a week to 3 miles last week.  I feel as if I am starting completely over, and while I am committed to doing it, I am a bit “mad” at running.

Why is something that should be easy being so unbelievably difficult and hard right now?  I am frustrated.  I have put on a few pounds.  I am grumpy.  I am struggling to find motivation.

It’ll come back.  I know I will. Just venting a bit before I get myself together for a short run tonight.  runnergirl