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Women Runners: Have You Been Harassed Because of Your Running Clothes?

A wide variety of women’s running clothes exist.  I often wear compression bottoms in all styles depending on weather (pants, capris, and shorts) or active shorts.  I switch between very tight-fitting tops and looser mesh styles that are often see-through. (In the winter outside, I do wear fleece long-sleeve shirts.  They still tend to be tight.)

I never wear anything baggy because it’s not comfortable and tends to hold onto sweat more.  After reading the article “Wearing Her #Whorepants,”  (I came across the article at ‘Moms Running It’ in this post)  I have realized that I have been very lucky when it comes to comments received while running.   I definitely wear #whorepants as defined by the author.  (I would say that her #whorepants could be considered downright prude compared to some of my running gear!)

Would my regular Under Armour gear be considered #whoreshorts ?

Would my normal Under Armour gear be considered #whoreshorts ?

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Winter Running: Does the treadmill have benefits compared to running outdoors?

Should I run outside in the snow, sub-zero temperatures, and wind or stay inside on the dreaded treadmill?  As often as I am able, I choose to brave the great outdoors.  I love snow!  I love how fresh cold air feels in my lungs!  Despite that I’ve been told the treadmill is easier, I feel and usually perform better outside.

Fresh clean snow, cold air, and sun = perfect running weather!

There are times, however, that I have to choose to run indoors.  I don’t run alone outside at night.  The short days of winter combined with a jam-packed schedule leave me with limited daylight.  I am extremely clumsy; ice is not my friend.  I haven’t toughened myself up enough yet to handle -25°+  wind chills.  On these days, I end up on the treadmill.  I tell myself I enjoy it.  Sometimes I actually do.

So which is better?  Obviously I would choose outdoors!  The treadmill, however, does have some benefits for me.  (This is what I tell myself.)  Read the rest of this entry »


Why Do You Run Races You Have No Chance of Winning?

A common question I get asked is, “Why do you run races you have no chance of winning?”  (Right after the ever popular, “Why do you run?”)  In most sports, the goal of the competition is to win.  For a small portion of runners, their goal is also to cross the finish line first.  The vast majority of runners, however, do not sign up for a race to win.

I am not the first loser.  I'm more like the 456th loser - and that ROCKS!

I am not the first loser. I’m more like the 456th loser – and that ROCKS!

So why do it?  I can’t answer this question for all runners, but here are my reasons: Read the rest of this entry »


If I Had A Million Dollars (Or $485 Million): Powerball Dreams

The Powerball is at $485 million for the upcoming drawing.  I realize the odds of winning are insanely unlikely.  By buying a ticket, I am basically flushing $2 down a toilet.  I’m buying a ticket anyway.

Before the drawing tonight, and my dreams are inevitably crushed, I am enjoying imagining what I would do with all that cash.


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Running Motivation: How I get myself off the couch!

I love to run.  LOVE IT.  Even when I am struggling or having a bad run, I still really enjoy it.  I do tend to have trouble getting my butt out the door though!  Once I’m actually running, I’m golden…it’s that darn act of getting ready and actually going that sometimes causes me issues!  On days when the couch seems extra comfortable or I’m exhausted from work, the following little snippets of motivation can be the push I need to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

because I canWhen I don’t want to go run, I think of all the people that cannot run and would love to.  I have the ability to do it and sitting on my butt and wasting it would be an insult to anyone that wants to and are unable.  Read the rest of this entry »


Winter Night Trail Marathon 2015 – My Experience

The Winter Night Trail Marathon in Indianapolis bills itself as “Brutally Awesome.”  As a participant in the 2015 half marathon event, I can concur that it most definitely is a brutally awesome event!  This was my first year participating in the race, and I will hopefully be making it an annual run.  The Winter Night Trail Marathon has three distance options: full, half, and quarter.  The course consists of a 6.55 mile loop.

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