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Happy New Year – Goals for 2015

Happy New Year (a few days early!)  I’m currently home ill, yuck, but I’ve decided to use the time to focus on my goals for 2015.  (2015?  How is that even possible?  I remember chanting ’01 as a child for the year I would graduate high school.  I still feel like it should be about 2001!)

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Holiday Food Hangover: Desserts….So Many Desserts

Ahh, the holidays.  A time to spend with family and friends, enjoying their company, and EATING.  I have eaten so SO much over the past week that I am unsure how it all fit into my now slightly bloated, heavier body.  I don’t regret it.  Not one bit.  I love all the goodies at the holidays.  So many cutely designed cookies, extravagant chocolates, rich trifles, comforting pies, and other sugar-filled sweet concoctions (I’m making myself hungry again) at every holiday get-together.  Not to mention all the “regular” food (that has often been made more delicious and fattening by being turned into a casserole) that we all (I mean, everyone does do this right?!) overindulge in by eating huge giant sized portions at multiple parties.  As I said, I don’t regret it.  I love eating all this delicious food!  But (yes, there is a but) now I don’t feel very well at all.  I’m very sluggish, unfocused, and mushy.

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The HUFF 50k – My Experience and Recap of my First Ultra!!

I signed up for the December 20, 2014 Huff 50k at Chain of Lakes State Park on Thanksgiving Day.  I had been planning on doing it since last year, but I hadn’t committed because I was really worried about not being able to complete it.  My first marathon, in September, only went well through mile 20.  The additional 11 miles of a 50k were really intimidating!  After a decent 20 mile run the weekend before Thanksgiving, I decided that I could do it and paid my registration fee.  Then I got sick.

Not hospital sick, but sick enough that I had to cut out a lot of running.  Coupled with the fact that the 20 miler I had completed was my only run of more than 16 miles since my marathon, I debated even showing up at the HUFF on race morning.  Thankfully I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off because I needed to use the bathroom. I figured since I was already up, I might as well get ready and go.  On the drive to the race, I almost hit a deer (which in turn led to me almost peeing my pants) and my map app on my phone took me to a dead end instead of the run.  I, again, debated just going home but accidentally found the way to the run before my GPS could load new directions…so I went to the race. Read the rest of this entry »


Fort 4 Fitness 2014 – My Experience and Recap

The 2014 Fort 4 Fitness took place on September 27.  It was my third time participating in the event.  (I had previously run the 10k in 2012 and the half marathon in 2013.)   I ran my first marathon (The Air Force Marathon) on September 20, and I debated if I was going to be able to run a half marathon the following weekend.  During the taper phase of my marathon training, when my legs were feeling incredibly restless, I decided that I could do it and registered.  Luckily my legs obliged!

The Expo / Packet Pick-up

I didn’t attend.  Boo!  I actually really enjoy expos.  I love looking at all the fitness gear and gadgets.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to go, and my husband went for me.  Vera Bradley again supplied the bags for the race, and I really liked the design.  The shirt, being a unisex style, fit a little off, but it was still nice and long-sleeved.  The race swag back also contained a few other goodies and coupons.

Race Morning

There were plenty of parking areas around the start of the race, so getting to Parkview stadium was quick and easy.  The starting area was two blocks away from the stadium.  The corrals were clearly marked and easy to get in to.  There were plenty of port-a-potties around the start, and combined with the facilities at the stadium, it was quick and easy to use the bathroom.  The race started on time after the singing of the National Anthem, and while I would have preferred cooler weather, it was nice weather for a run!

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Air Force Marathon 2014 – Recap – My First Marathon!

The 2014 Air Force Marathon took place on September 20, and I am just finally getting around to writing my recap of the race!  Life got incredibly busy for me right around it was time to taper for the marathon (so thankful I got through the majority of training without the craziness that has been my life since!)  The Air Force Marathon was my first ever marathon.  While it didn’t go exactly as I planned (what does?!), it was a wonderful first experience!

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