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How to Keep Running When Life Gets Busy

I haven’t blogged in months.  Life has been very busy.  With graduate school and two jobs, in addition to the already hectic life of being a wife and mom of three very active, awesome kids, life has been non-stop since the end of summer!  While I haven’t kept up on my blog – something I’m planning to change – I HAVE managed to keep on running.  It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes I do NOT want to go run.  (Even though I love it and have never, ever regretted it.)

While I haven’t been blogging, I have ran my first marathon (woohoo!), set a personal best in a half-marathon (another woohoo!), and am in the process of training for my first 50k (currently a “what the heck am I thinking?!” but hopefully soon it’ll be another woohoo! 😉 )

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