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Marathon Training Complete – Time to Taper

Marathon training is complete, and I have entered the taper phase.  I completed my last 20 mile distance yesterday afternoon.  It was not pretty.  In fact, it was pretty darn awful.  I hit a wall at mile 7.  AT MILE 7.  I wasn’t well hydrated, it was very humid, midday sun was beating down, and I hadn’t eaten in the way I should have before a long run BUT at mile 7?!?  I should have been able to get to at least half marathon distance before having issues.  I had difficulty getting through the last mile walking.  It all-around sucked.  

I am so thankful that I pushed my way through it and reached my distance.  I wanted to quit so SO bad.  I debated pushing my last long run back another few days, but I had already done that due to not feeling well on Friday.  (I could also be fighting a cold or illness, which may have also contributed to the awfulness yesterday.)  But I didn’t quit.  I’m proud of that.  I’m also very happy that I completed more than one 20 mile run.  On August 1, I had a fabulous 20 mile run that made me feel strong and prepared.  I’m happy I have that going into my marathon.  Yesterday was defeating, but I know that I can go the distance and feel good. Read the rest of this entry »

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