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Marathon Training – An Unexpected Fallback Week

Marathon training has been going great…until now.  It’s actually not too bad right now either; I just had to adjust to unexpected mileage fallback this week.  Why you ask?  Well I got injured.  During a run?  Of course not.  I simply experienced some trouble in the incredibly difficult activity of walking and strained a muscle around my knee.  

Sigh, so yes.  I tripped over my own feet while trying to walk up to my son’s baseball game and did something unpleasant to my right knee.  I rock.  

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Marathon Training Continues as Big Life Changes Creep Closer

A lot of changes in my personal life are on the horizon. All of my children will be in school within the next month, and I will be returning to school for my Master’s degree! Although I do have an awesome part-time job, I’ve considered myself a stay-at-home mom for the past 10 years. I am sad to be putting an end to this chapter of my life but very excited to enter a new phase.

I will be pursuing my M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism. I find human behavior incredibly interesting (my undergrad is in psychology), and the broad range of symptoms and abilities associated with autism fascinating. My goal for the future is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults with autism by planning and providing quality, worthwhile behavior therapy.

So what does all this have to do with running? EVERYTHING! All the big life changes creeping closer have upped my stress level. Training for my upcoming marathon has been the perfect outlet! Running clears my mind, calms me down, and reminds me that regardless of where the finish line is, sometimes it’s best just to focus on the next step.

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Marathon Training – Developing Mental Toughness

Marathon training is, overall, going very well. I’ve slowly been adjusting to running in the heat and humidity. I’m trying hard to follow the recommended pacing on my plan, which has been a big adjustment for me (I’m used to just running whatever speed I feel like!)

Yesterday, on the July 4th holiday, I had my first 20 mile run scheduled. (The plan I am following has three peak runs in it. I always do my long run on Friday; I enjoy having only a recovery run on Saturday morning and a rest day on Sunday! I like my weekends. 😉 )

How did my first 20 miler go? Well, it didn’t. I had a strong 18 miles and then my phone, with limited battery life remaining, stopped playing my Pandora workout station. I stopped. I honestly didn’t even consider finishing my last 2 miles without my music. I drove home, took a shower, and a nap. When I woke up about thirty minutes later, I was SO very annoyed with myself. I went back out and ran 3 miles to finish (did the extra mile for giving up earlier.) Read the rest of this entry »