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Color Me Rad 2014 – My Experience

For the second year in a row, I participated in the Color Me Rad 5k.  Last year, my middle daughter and I ran the event.  (To read about our previous experience, go here.)  This year all three of my children joined me.  All of them were very excited to participate in the Color Me Rad and get color bombed!

As you can tell by our photo, I purchased a few items when I picked up my packet.  For the girls, I bought two “RAD” headbands, and for my son, a handkerchief / bandana.  I also bought knee socks for myself.  I paid $30 for all the items.  My packet included a shirt (a non-white one, not to be worn for the run) and sunglasses.  (I’m also wearing the Color Me Rad tutu that I had purchased the previous year – washed up just fine- and my son is wearing last year’s sunglasses.)  I LOVE dressing up for runs!Image Read the rest of this entry »

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Running in the Heat and Summer Fun

Spring and fall, when the absolutely perfect temperatures for running normally occur, are way too short!  Those sunny, low 50 degree days are too far and few between for my liking.  After adjusting to the blistering cold and snow in the winter, it seems WAY too soon that I am now dealing with 90 degree heat and humidity!

My biggest annoyances about running in the heat:

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Marathon Preparation Starts – 5 Goals for Training

I officially started marathon training today!  I didn’t do anything other than a normal Monday run, but as I’m 17 weeks out from my first marathon, I’m considering it my official start.  I’ve found the training plan I want to follow and am going to consistently start running 5 times a week.  (I have been averaging about 4.5, but I’m going to make my Tuesday run part of my routine instead of extra.)  I’m also going to try to focus more on the pace the plan recommends.  (I usually sort of do whatever I feel on any given day.  I think I could perform better at official runs if I followed a plan to push myself even when I don’t feel like it.  Because, as it turns out, my best running days are never at official runs!)

My Goals for Marathon Training

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Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon – Event Review and My Experience

I participated in the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon on June 7, 2014.  It was my first time at the run.  I signed up for two reasons: I wanted a PR (spoiler – it didn’t happen), and the race had day-of packet pick-up.  Unfortunately, after I had registered, the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon and 5K decided to no longer offer race day packet pick-up.  I threw a slight tantrum in a message to the run, and they were VERY nice and accommodating.  (I actually ended up feeling really bad about being so mad!)  So, happily, despite the official change, I was still able to participate.

Expo / Shirt

Since I did not attend the Expo, I have nothing to review on it!  I did receive a cute bag with samples and goodies in it when I picked up my bib race morning.  My shirt was not in the bag, but it was no big deal.  I had no plans to wear it for the run, and I was able to easily pick it up at the finish line.  The tech blue short-sleeve was v-neck with a nice logo on it.

Excuse the furry feet in the photo.  My cat was determined to be in the picture!

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