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Indiana Spartan Sprint 2014 – My Experience

For the second year in a row, I participated in the Indiana Spartan Sprint.  (For my overall review of the event, go here.)  In the year between the events, I worked very hard at improving my upper body strength and my overall fitness.  My regular running distances have also greatly increased.  I had high hopes for completing some of the obstacles that I was unable to complete at my 2013 event.

My team, including my husband who had been unable to participate before due to a back injury, were in the 10:30 am heat.  The weather was pretty perfect: warm with a cool breeze.  To get into the start area, participants had to scale a small wall.  I was pleased to be able to do it all on my own.  Haspin Acres is a great venue for the Spartan Race.  It’s an ATV park, and the terrain provides its own unique challenges.


(My team before we began the Indiana Spartan Sprint.)

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Spartan Sprint 2014 – Indianapolis (Overall Event Review)

For the second year in a row, I participated in the Indiana Spartan Sprint.  Although Spartan used Indianapolis as the location, it was actually located a couple hours away in Laurel, Indiana at Haspin Acres, an ATV park.  Reebok Spartan Races are an obstacle course series.  Their tagline is “you’ll know at the finish line.”  This is my overall review of the event. (I will write about my experience in another blog post.)  There is a A LOT of good and minimal not-so-good!



(The starting area of the Indiana Spartan Sprint.)
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Waiting to Run – 3 Reasons Tapering Stinks!

I am at the point in my training when I am supposed to taper after loosely following an intermediate half-marathon training schedule for the upcoming Indy Mini.  I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  My longest run was this past Friday at 15 miles, and I am not supposed to go over 8 miles until the race.

In reality, I’m also not officially tapering.  While I do plan on cutting down on mileage, I will not be resting.  The weekend before the Indy Mini, I’m going to do a Spartan Sprint.  (Then, soon after the Indy, it’s Tough Mudder time.  The runs and obstacle course races I wanted to participate in did not take into consideration my “preferred order” when scheduling their events! 😉 )

So, I’m just WAITING to run!  (I imagine it’s going to be 10 times worse before my marathon!)

3 Reasons Tapering Stinks:

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Why Don’t Cupcakes Count as Clean Eating?

I love to run.  Love it.  SO keeping a running schedule is not difficult.  Even when it’s hard, even when the weather is awful, even when it downright stinks – I still enjoy it.  Strength training and I don’t have the same love affair as running and I, but I still enjoy it.  I like getting stronger; I enjoy seeing new muscles.  Clean eating and I?  Well, we don’t really like each other.  In fact, at times, we downright hate each other.  I love food.  Even healthy food.  I just also really, really, really (etc.) enjoy food that isn’t good for me.

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Last Hurrah of Winter Race – Nutri-Run 20k

I participated in the Nutri-Run 20k on March 29.  The weather was absolutely awful, with a mix of heavy wet snow and rain falling the entire run combined with strong wind.  I am considering it my “last hurrah of winter” race.  (Because this weather HAS to go away at some point, right?!)  I registered day of event, so I made a conscious choice to do the run in that weather.  I did question my decision a few times during the race, but I’m glad I did it.


The course started and ended at a local middle school.  The finish was on their track.  There were two or three water stops along the route.  We ran on some country roads, which unfortunately had very little wind protection.  There were some hills but nothing too extreme.  Even with the weather, the roads were not slippery.  With it being a small run, the roads were not closed down, and we had to deal with cars.  Most of the drivers were very considerate of the runners and drove cautiously around us.  I don’t run on roads normally, and I kept being startled by the cars.  (They were never very close to me either.  I’m really not sure why I kept being surprised!)  Read the rest of this entry »