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‘Self’ Magazine Mocks Cancer Surviving Runner in Tutu – Wait, what?!

‘Self’ magazine contacted a LA marathon finisher asking to use her photo in an upcoming issue.  Like most runners receiving that e-mail, she excitedly said yes!  I mean, how cool would that be?  Knowing that a magazine chose to use your awesome race photo to showcase in their magazine!  Except, that isn’t what happened.

As this NBC article (here) explains, Monika Allen was shocked when she saw how her image was used.  ‘Self’ used the picture to mock the women’s tutus.  “A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC’s Central Park, and it’s all because people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster,” the caption reads. “Now, if you told us they made people run from you faster, maybe we would believe it.”  As Allen was running the race while receiving chemotherapy for cancer and had made the tutu herself, she was rightfully offended and hurt by the way the magazine used the photo.

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Running, Fueling, Birthdays, & Cats (4 Unrelated Stories)

Other than that it’s my life, there isn’t a lot tying the following 4 topics together.  So, enjoy this random, rambling post….


Although illness has invaded our house (and refused to leave,) I’ve been keeping up with my running schedule and light-weight lifting.  My heavier strength training has been sporadic the last few weeks, but since I’m starting to feel better, I’m making it a priority again.  Or trying to.  Why can’t I enjoy it like I do running?!

I have quite a few official events, regular runs and obstacle course races, scheduled over the next few months.  Spartan Sprint, Indy Mini, and Tough Mudder – plus more!  (Imagine my smiley, eager face inserted here.)  I can’t wait!

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St. Patrick’s Day Run – Race Season has Started!

My first official run of the year happened Saturday March 15 in the local 5-Kilt run put on by the Fire Department for St. Patrick’s Day.  This was my third time participating in the race.  The first time I participated, two years ago, it was my first race.  Although I still wasn’t really sold on the whole “running thing” at the time, it was really fun and knew after my experience that I would keep signing up for more events.

The weather was not ideal, but it could have been much worse.  At start time, it was about 30 degrees with a little bit of wind.  The sky was full of clouds, but no rain or snow!  My lovely friend joined me, and it was her first race.  I hope I squelched any nerves she had by running super late in the morning, leaving a bunch of stuff in my car that we had to go back and get, and missing any chance of using the bathrooms before start time.  Oops.  She handled my lack of ability to get myself together very well! Read the rest of this entry »


To The Fatty Running….My Thoughts on the Viral Post

If you have yet to read what the fuss is all about, here is the original letter…

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How to Deal with a Running Injury (Hint: Don’t Do What I Used to Do!)

I have been having on and off mild to excruciating pain in and around my right knee since January.  I usually deal with injuries in a very safe and constructive way – I completely ignore them, push through as much as I am able, and hope it gets better.  I realize this is awful.  It has also mostly worked for me this far.  As I head into spring, with my official races starting up in just a week (woohoo!), and hard-core marathon training starting after the Tough Mudder in May, I’ve decided to try to be more pro-active in dealing with my pain.

You should not deal with an injury by ignoring it.

My knee pain started as a dull ache.  I blame it on the indoor track at my YMCA.  Running the same direction and hitting the four banked curves on the same knee took it’s toll on me.  The weather did not cooperate with my plans to run outside all the time, and I was forced inside more than I planned.  BUT I did keep running outside whenever it was possible, even in some pretty terrible conditions.  I tweaked my knee while running on ice, and while it didn’t quite hurt when I did it, I felt the pull.  Combined with the previous issue, and the fact that I’d been wearing my running shoes too long, my knee decided it hated me and demonstrated said hate on subsequent runs.  Read the rest of this entry »