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Why Do Running Shoes Cost So Much? Seriously!

I love shoes as much as the next girl, but I’ve never been a “big spender” on footwear.  I look for sales and clearance sections.  When I began running, I used this same plan.  I found sneakers with “running” in their description and looked for deals.  My first pair lasted three months.  My feet were in so MUCH pain.

I upgraded, spending about twice the amount to a new pair of shoes from a more respected brand.  This second pair of shoes were definitely better, but once I started upping my mileage, my body started having issues again.  After a rough half marathon, I finally accepted the fact that a pair of quality running shoes were worth the high prices I had seen at expos.

I went to a specialty running store, got properly fitted, and bought a great pair of Brooks (the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 to be exact.)  I LOVE these shoes.  The hip pain I had been experiencing immediately went away.  I performed significantly better in my next half marathon.  Overall I experienced less aches and training went much better.  The shoes were awesome, and after a few months, the sting of the cost faded. Read the rest of this entry »


What Do You Think About While Running? I May Be Slightly Crazy…

I think about many different things while running.  Many of my thoughts are boring and mundane while others make me feel slightly insane.  Here are a few of my recent running daydream fantasies.

1.  Hip – Hop or Contemporary Dance Number

I always listen to music while I exercise.  My favorite is the Pandora Power Hip Hop and Pop Workout station.  I used to dance when I was younger.  I was never very good, but I really enjoyed it.  If I’m feeling sluggish or slow, one of my best motivators is a pumped up song that I dance awesome choreography to in my head.  I always lip-sync.  Occasionally I make awkward eye contact with other people while singing questionable lyrics (like ‘S&M’ by Rihanna.)  While I’m performing a dance number in my head, I sometimes lose myself more than I mean to and small bits of movement actually make their way out of me.  I do get some weird looks, but who cares, I’m enjoying it! Read the rest of this entry »


5 Positive Things to Say to a Running Mom

We’ve all seen the lists about what not to say to a runner – “Aren’t runners supposed to be skinny?”, “Why don’t you go faster?”, “Do you win?”, etc. BUT I’ve rarely seen articles about what you should say to those that run.  Non-runners often don’t understand why people choose to put themselves through something they don’t see as enjoyable.

I know.  I used to hate running, and I actually got annoyed when I saw people running outside in the rain, snow, or, ok, just running in general.  Why were they doing it?  What was the point?  How could anyone say they enjoyed it?!  Yes, I admit it, I asked some of those rude questions to runners myself.

Now, as a running mom, I sometimes get unique questions about running and being a mother.  I don’t believe people mean to be offensive, but many times, it is difficult not to get offended!

So what should you say to someone who runs when wanting to ask those taboo questions?  Here are a few positive things to say instead to running moms:

1.  Wow, you look great!  

If a running mom is writing a blog, or often updates you, about her weight-loss progress from running, definitely feel free to layer on the praise on her achievement.  But usually, if you want to ask anything weight related to a running mom, don’t.  Seriously.  Unless you know the person very well and are willing to hurt their feelings (even if that’s not your intent,) it’s best to avoid anything about weight.  Some people may be flattered if you ask if they’ve lost pounds, but it can make others self-conscious.  Assuming someone is running to lose their baby weight or “firm up” may be false.  It’s safer, and more of a compliment in my opinion, to leave weight out of the equation.  Saying that someone looks great, running really agrees with them, exercise is giving them a rocking body, etc., are all better alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »


Runners’ Survival Guide in a No-Good, Very Bad Winter

Our city is just about to set the record for its snowiest winter in history.  While I have enjoyed the abundance of snow (so beautiful), it combined with sub-zero temperatures has led to a damper on my desire to do all of my runs outdoors.  While I’ve been forced inside too many times, I continue to try to face the brutal winter weather.  Sometimes I win…and other times, the points go in nature’s favor.

The following is my runners’ survival guide in a no-good, very bad winter…

1.  While attempting to run in snow, do not let anyone take video of you.  As a very clumsy person, I am used to slipping and falling down (even when there is a lack of a physical barrier or weather obstacle to overcome.  My biggest challenge is often my own feet.)  The snow has provided me many more opportunities to test my balance and to avoid injuries while falling.  When you trip as often as I do, you become pretty good at catching yourself.  So, I cannot offer you advice on how to avoid these incidents.  (I do not wear ice spikes, which may help some runners.  It makes me feel off-balance.)  I can, however, tell you to avoid interviews talking about running in the snow and running while anyone is videoing you.  As this poor athlete found out the hard way, it can lead to a viral video of you doing this…Runner Eats It Immediately After Interview About Running in Snow.

(Should I be offended that multiple friends tagged me in links to this video?  I suppose it’s only a matter of time before one of my many wipe-outs is recorded!) Read the rest of this entry »


Color Me Rad – My Experience

As winter keeps my family stuck in the house for another snow day, my children’s teachers have become overly ambitious and sent home A TON of homework.  I understand the motivation, but 2+ hours later, I’m  not thrilled that we are still doing work!  (I blame the upcoming ISTEP tests.  When are officials going to realize that these tests are not useful?!)  For a much needed break, my sweet first grader, Lu, helped me recap our experience at a 2013 Color Me Rad.


Our expo was very small, but it did offer the opportunity to buy some cute themed rad items.  I purchased my tutu and the under the eye stickers for our racing attire.  The rainbow tutu my daughter wore was from a previous dance recital.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I love “dressing up” for a run!  I got a cute t-shirt with my registration, Lu did not.  Color Me Rad does allow children to run for free though, so I can’t complain! Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Do I Run? To Eat and Drink (Of Course!)

The holidays are long over.  I was supposed to get my diet on a healthier track when 2013 came to an end.  It was going to be easy.  There weren’t any more celebrations.  Casseroles and trifles would no longer be constantly tempting me.  Healthy eating was going to be so much easier in January than it had been around Thanksgiving and Christmas (well, actually, starting back at Halloween.)  Right?

So, umm, no.  That is not what happened.   Read the rest of this entry »

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