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Michigan Tough Mudder 2013 – My Experience

The polar vortex has returned to my region.  I’ve been forced to do most of my runs inside, and my children’s school hasn’t had a regular schedule since before the Christmas holiday.  (I’m blaming my inability to commit to a cleaner diet on this.  Because it’s totally the reason.  It’s definitely not that one of my girls is selling Girl Scout cookies, and I can’t stop eating them with or without my kids here!)  While I wait for my event schedule to start again (hurry up March!) I’m spending time reviewing the runs I completed last year.  Today I’m reminiscing about the Michigan Tough Mudder in June 2013.

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Indiana Spartan Sprint 2013 – My Experience

I’d love to be reviewing recent races I’ve just completed – but considering it’s the middle of January and I haven’t ran anything – I’ve decided to go back and review the events I’ve participated in 2013.  The Indiana Spartan Sprint, in April of 2013, was my third obstacle course race.  Prior I’d done the zombie-themed Run For Your Lives and the Warrior Dash.   While Spartan wasn’t my first OCR, it was the first one I did that focused on challenge and achievement rather than just having a good time.  (I’m not discounting either prior event.  Both were great times.  The Spartan felt more like a sporting event than party.)

I was lucky to have a group of friends and family to sign up with for the Indiana Spartan Sprint.  My husband was unfortunately injured prior to the event and had to transfer his registration.  He still came to support me and our team, and the Spartan company was awesome by completing his transfer to a future race and providing free spectator registration.

We arrived on-site with plenty of time to spare, but with one way in to Haspin Acres, traffic was backed up.  This would not have been an issue if I didn’t have to pee SO BAD.  I ended up sprinting out of the car, finding a volunteer to direct me to the bathrooms, and waiting in a super-long line (maybe it was reasonably long, but in my situation, it felt like an eternity.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Learning to Love Indoor Running in the Winter

January is not being very kind to my outdoor running ambitions this winter.  As I stated in my previous blog here, I’ve made a commitment to run outside as much as possible throughout the season.  ‘As much as possible’ being the key phrase, mother nature has been making it incredibly hard.  With sub-zero temperatures and many inches (in some areas feet) of blowing snow, I’ve been forced inside too many days.  So, as I try to learn to love outdoor winter running, I’m also trying to embrace indoor running too.

My family belongs to the local YMCA, so I have a place to go to run inside.  There are many treadmills and a track.  The treadmills are top quality, and the track is wide enough for three people.  I’m lucky to have these options.  It is January though, and the combination of New Year’s resolutions and the quality of our facility brings many people into the building.  The fitness center is very crowded.  And while I wish everyone tons of success in their goals on fitness and healthy living, it can make it more difficult to get in a good workout.

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Learning to Love to Run in the Winter and the Inevitable Sickies

Winter has a firm grip in our area right now.  The Polar Vortex may have made it’s way back up to the north pole, but our temperatures are still very cold.  Not to mention the snow, oh the snow.  I have always enjoyed watching the snow fall through a window from a cozy spot inside curled up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate.  Running in it?  I wasn’t so convinced it was going to be “my” thing.  But I had made a commitment to run outdoors as often as I could throughout the season, so I have been forcing myself to do it.

Finding time to schedule my runs has also been made more difficult by the inevitable illnesses that have invaded our house.  While we managed to get through the holidays mostly healthy, January has proven to be a struggle.  All three of my children are currently fighting fevers, headaches, coughs, and stomach issues.  I was originally hoping that I would manage to avoid the flu, but given that I am literally completely surrounded by it – I am patiently waiting for symptoms to kick in.

The crazy thing about running in the winter?  I love the snow.  Snow has a way of making the air feel so fresh and clean.  It’s  incredibly beautiful. Without snow, winter can be so bleak.  I also love the sound my shoes make when I run on untouched snow. Read the rest of this entry »

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2014 Fitness and Non-Fitness Goals

It’s already 2014 and I kind of suck at this regular blogging thing (last entry is from October.) So, one of my non-fitness goals is to regularly add posts.  Boom, starting off that goal right now.  I had two big fitness goals for 2013: complete a half marathon and do a pull-up.  I killed the half marathon goal with two official races and many long runs on my own of that distance.  I did  not, however, accomplish the pull-up.  Stupid lack of upper body strength!

2014 Fitness Goals

1.  Complete a marathon.  I signed up on New Year’s Day for the Air Force Marathon in September.  Signing up is the hardest part right?  My goal is to finish the race, and although I am sure I will develop time goals throughout my training, I am going to try not to.  One of the worst things about my first half marathon experience was NOT reaching my time goal.  It took out a lot of  joy from all I did accomplish that day.

2.  PR on my half-marathon time.  So, yes, no time goal for my marathon and an entire race based only on a specific time goal.  I need to get below a 1:59:43.  My first chance will be at the Indy Mini in May.  I have no other half marathons currently on my schedule, but I’ll probably add one or two more throughout the year.  (Shh, don’t tell my husband.  I try to put space in between signing up for runs to reduce his annoyance.)  If I don’t PR at Indy, no worries, I’ll have the rest of the year to get it done.

3.  Do a freak’n pull-up.  Seriously, I’ve been working for about a year and a half now!

2014 Non-Fitness Goals

1.  Develop a career plan.  My babies will all be in school next year, and as sad as I am about it, I need to start looking ahead to the next phase of my life.  I have LOVED being a mostly stay-at-home mom.  I hope to find a new path that I will also enjoy.

2.  Stop and pay attention to the now instead of always looking ahead to the future.  (Yes, that seems contradictory to my first goal, but you know, life is complicated!)  I often forget that everything is happening RIGHT NOW and that, while working towards a future goal is great, so is enjoying the moment.  I hope to create lots of fun, simple, everyday memories with my family: to find the joy and happiness in the routine of life instead of waiting for a big thing to be excited.

3.  Oh, and keep my blog updated!!


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